Diploma Engineering Industrial Internship

Tech Lab Bangladesh Ltd is excited to offer a 3-month industrial internship opportunity for diploma engineers. This internship aims to provide hands-on experience and valuable exposure to the field of engineering within our organization. During the internship, you will have the opportunity to work closely with our experienced team and contribute to real-world projects. You will be assigned to a specific department within Tech Lab Bangladesh Ltd, where you will actively participate in various engineering activities and gain practical knowledge. As an intern, your responsibilities may include assisting in research and development projects, conducting data analysis, supporting engineering design and testing processes, and collaborating with team members on problem-solving initiatives. This will give you valuable insights into the industrial engineering field and allow you to apply your theoretical knowledge in a practical setting. Throughout the internship, you will receive guidance and mentorship from our seasoned professionals who will help you develop your skills and expand your knowledge base. You will have the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and industry trends, enhancing your understanding of industrial engineering practices. Additionally, Tech Lab Bangladesh Ltd is committed to fostering your professional growth during this internship. We offer training programs and workshops tailored to enhance your technical and soft skills. You will also have the chance to engage in networking activities and connect with industry experts, opening doors for future career opportunities. To be considered for this internship, we are seeking diploma engineers with a strong academic background in industrial engineering or a related field. Proficiency in relevant software and technical tools is preferred, and a proactive attitude towards learning and problem-solving is highly valued. Selected interns will receive a stipend for their contributions during the internship period. Our office environment is dynamic and collaborative, providing you with a supportive space to learn, grow, and contribute to meaningful projects. To apply for this exciting opportunity, please submit your resume, cover letter, and any additional required documents through our online application portal by the specified deadline. Join Tech Lab Bangladesh Ltd for this 3-month industrial internship and embark on a rewarding journey towards professional development and practical engineering experience. We look forward to welcoming you to our team and providing you with an enriching internship experience.




Course Fee: 7,000 BDT.


Level 01

Industrial Controlling Device.


      Application of Industrial controlling Device.

      How to test & measure Industrial controlling Devices.

      Working principle & practical connection with Industrial

             controlling device.


(Industrial Controlling Device: - Push & Selector Switch Limit Switch,

Different types of Relays, Magnetic Contactors, Timers, Counters, Temperature Controllers, Floatless Relays, Over Load Relays, Phase Failure Relays, RTD, Thermocouples, Photo Electric Sensors, Proximity or Metal Sensors, Solenoid Valves)


Level  02

Basic Manual Industrial Controlling.


      Play With NO & NC Contact.

      Latching Making & Example.

      Single Load Control from multiple Locations.

      Direct ON Line (DOL) Starter.

      Overload Protection System in DOL Starter.

      Phase Failure Protection System Connection with Motor Controlling Circuit.

      Interlocking system design for 2 loads.

      How to make Interlock Protection System Design for Multiple Load.

      3 Phase Load (Motor) Control based on Time.


Level 03

Advanced Manual Industrial Controlling.


      Sequential 3 Phase Load (Motor) Control by Relay, Timer and Magnetic Contactor.

      Sequential Motor Control Circuit Design with Practical Connection.

      Auto Star Delta Starter Design and practical connection.

      Automatic Reverse Forward Circuit Design and Practical Connection.

      Automatic Reverse Forward by Limit Switch or Sensor.

      Automatic Transfer Switch Circuit Design and Practical Connection.


Level 04

SIEMENS LOGO PLC Programming & Implementation.


      Overview SIEMENS LOGO PLC.

      Hardware Connection of Siemens LOGO PLC.

      Software Overview of Siemens Logo PLC.

      PLC to Computer Communication.

      PLC to Smartphone Communication.

      PLC To Web Server Communication.

      Different Types of GATE Operation.

      Time Based Load Control Programming.

      Sequential Motor Control PLC Programming.

      Star Delta Starter Programming.

      Automatic Reverse Forward Programming.

      Parts Assembler machine Programming.

      Automatic Car Parking System Programming.


Level 05

SIEMENS S7-200 PLC Programming & Implementation.


      Introduction to Siemens Trainer.

      Introduction to Siemens PLC.

      Introduction to Siemens PLC Software - MicroWIN.

      Series & Parallel Circuit Exercise.

      Latching and Interlocking Exercise.

      Use of Positive Transition and Negative Transition.

      Timers & Counter Function with different type of Program.

      Timer with Comparison operators.

      Timer with Move operators.

      Counter with Comparison and Move Operations.

      Counter with Math Operations.

      Use of Data Registers (Examples 1 to 5).

      Block Move Function.

      Up Down Counter Function.

      Immediate Commands.

      Interrupts Function.

      Jump Commands.

      Retentive Timers.

      Sequential Control Relay (SCR).

      SET RESET Instructions.

      SET RESET Bistable Instructions.


      Timer Off Delay.

      Understanding Analogue Input and Output.

      Siemens PLC Exercise for practice with solutions.


Level 06

DELTA PLC Programming & Implementation.


      Introduction to Delta PLC Trainer.

      Sinking Sourcing Understanding for PLC Wiring.

      Fundamental Commands of PLC: LD. LDI & OUT (Session 1 to 4).

      Fundamental Commands of PLC: SET & RESET Commands.

      Fundamental Commands of PLC: Timers & Counters.

      Types of Timers in Delta PLC.

      Fundamental Commands of PLC: Timers & Counters (Session 1 to 3).

      Data Registers- Session 1 to 3 (How to Store Information in PLC.

      How to use the Internal Memory of PLC?

      Latched Registers in DVP 14SS.

      Special Bits in Delta DVP 14SS

      Introduction to ITS- Interactive Trainings System PLC PE.

      Understanding Rising and Falling Edge-critical commands in many applications.

      Understanding Increment and Decrement Commands - Helps in counting.

      Arithmetic Commands -ADD, SUB, MUL, DIV-Making calculations easy.

      Block Move and Fill Move - How to move data in bulk quickly.

      Call Jump with application-How to skip part of ladder Logic.

      Interrupts -Learning External interrupts.

      Master Control MC and MCR-Setting up a control Zone.

      Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) - High speed pulse output.

      Retentive Timers - How to retain values in PLC Timer.

      Sequencer - How to read and write information in Input/Output Data registers.

      Compare and Zone Compare - CMP & ZCP.

      PLC Advanced Instruction Presentation.

      Understanding Analog to Digital Cards in PLC.

      Understanding Digital to Analog Cards in PLC.

      Digital to Analog Application Example.

      Gain and Offset Setting in Analog to Digital Cards.

      Gain & offset Setting in Digital to Analog Cards.

      PLC Analog Cards Exercises with Solutions.

      PLC Application Exercises for Practice.

      PLC to VFD MODBUS Communication Example.


Level 07

MITSUBISHI PLC Programming & Implementation.


      Introduction of Mitsubishi PLC.

      Software Installation and Overview.

      Programming with Fundamental Instruction.

      Timer and Counter Function Using.

      Use of Memory and Data Registers.

      Move & Block Move with Memory or Data Register.

      Memory with Comparison Operators Example.

      Jump Commands Operation.

      Subroutines Command with program example.

      Analogue Input Read Write Command.

      Analogue Output Controlling System.


Level 08

Industrial Project Design Programming and Implementation.


Automatic Reverse Forward System Programming by compare function.

Packaging Machine Programming.

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) System Programming.

Tank Filling and Discharge Control Programming.

Conveyor Belt Control Programming. PLC Box Sorting-Left & Right.

PLC Project Alternate Box Sorting Separation Station System Programming

Coffee Maker Machine Programming. Treatment Plant Automation System Programming.

Pneumatic Machine Automation System Design.

Hydraulic System Operation by PLC.


Level 09

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)/Inverter.


      Working Principle of VFD.

      Hardware Connection of VFD.

      Parameter Setting Of VFD.

      Selecting the source of Frequency in VFD.

      Selecting the source of Operation in VFD.

      Acceleration & Deceleration Time Setting in VFD.

      Jog Mode Operation in VFD.

      How to select the Multiple Sources of Frequency in VFD.

      How to Disable the Reverse Operation of Motor?

      Speed Control of Motor by Inverter and PLC.


Level 10

HMI Programming and Communication With PLC.


      Overview of HMI.

      Hardware Connection of HMI.

      Software Overview of HMI

      HMI Programming.

      HMI to Computer Communication.

      Communication With PLC, INVERTER & HMI to Control

             3 phase Motor

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