Aman Group 125 Cubic Meter ETP Automation Project

PLC Based Automatic 125 Cubic Meter/Hr ETP Control System ETP Automation Project Design Installation Programming Calibration and Develop By Tech Lab Bangladesh Project Client: Aman Group of Industries Limited PLC Based Automatic ETP Control Panel Design and Installation.

Working Procedure Of Effluent Treatment Plant:

Working Procedure Of Effluent Treatment Plant:

Step01: When Bar Screening Sensor Gate Sense Due To Flow Water In Drain, Bar Screening Motor Will On For Cleaning Water And Motor Will Continue Running To Clean Drain Water. Minimum Runing Time 2 Minutes In Single Sense.

Step02: There Are Two Lifting Pump To Drain Lifting Tank. Lifting Pump Will On In Alternating Logic, When Lifting Tank Will Full By Water, This Two Motor Start Automatically For 8 Minutes. After 8 Minutes Two Pumps Will Operate In Alternating Logics.

Alternating Time Could Changeable By Operator. Time Setting Function Is In Time Setting Page Of Hmi. Lifting Tank Water Level Is High Or Not It Will Show In HMI Sensor Status Page. We Can Also Monitoring Inlet Flow Rate In Hmi. When Water Level Is Low Than Lifting Tank Pump Will Stop Automatically. If There In Flow Water In Tank Pump Will Ready After 10 Minutes.

Step-03There Is Low Level Detection Sensor And Two Pump In Equalization Tank. The Sensor For Low Level Detection. If The Water Level Is Up Of Low-Level Sensor, Two Pump Of Equalization Tank Will Operate On Alternating Method Also Flash Mixer 1 & 2 Will Rum With Pumps Equalization Tank. Alternating Time Could Changeable By Operator As Well As The Operator Can Change The Flow Rate Of Pump Throw The VFD Speed Setting As His/Her Wishes. When Water Level Is Low Than Low Level Sensor Get Sense And Pump Of Equalization Tank Will Stop. After One (01) Minute Pump Will Start Again. All Pump On/Off & Level Sensor Status Show In HMI Page. Remember That If The Equalization Tank Level Is Low Flash Mixer Motor (Agitator) Will Stop Automatically, Also Notable That Equalization Level Is Low Or MGF Tank Level Is High Or Pac Level Is Low Than Equalization Process Will Stop Automatically. Remember That There Are Two Equalization Blower Motor 1 & 2, If We Start Effluent Treatment Plant Start In Auto Mode These Two Blowers Will In Alternating Logics. Alternating Time Could Changeable By Operator. Operator Can Hold The Running Blower. Operator Can Hold This Running Blower By Pressing The Hold Button On HMIStatus Page.

Step-04: Chemical Mixing 1&2 Have To Operate By Manual Switch. But On/Off Status Of Mixer Motor Will Show In The HMI

Step-05There Are Two Doing Pump To Drain Pac Tank. Pac Pump Will On In Alternating Logic Until Pac Tank Solution Level Is Up Of Low-Level But Must Have To Run Equalization Tank Pumps. When Solution Level Is Low Than Pac Pump Will Stop Automatically, After 5 Sec Pump Get Ready To Run, If Pac Tank Solution Level Is High Of Low-Level Sensor, Notable That Pac Will Stop Automatically With Equalization Tank Pumps. Also HCL, Lime/Naoh, Polymer Pump Will Run With Pac Pump. HCL Lime/ Naoh, Polymer Pump Runing Until Low Level Sensor Gate Sense. When Pac And HCL Level Is Low Than Warning Siren Start Automatically And Low-Level Alarm Signal Blink In HMI Status Page. Alarm Could Stop By Press Acknowledge Button.

Step-06There Is One Ph Sensor In Biological Tank, Ph Value Is Shown At Home Page Of Hmi. Auto Acid Dosing Pump Will On When Ph Value Is Low Than The Set Ph Value And Pump Will Stop When Ph Value Is High Than The Set Value. Ph Value Have To Set In Ph Meter By Operator. But Notable That Auto Acid Dosing Will Not Run In Equalization Process Stop Condition.

Step-07There Are Two Blowers In Biological Tank. Two Blowers Of Biological Tank Will Operate On Alternating Method. Alternating Time Could Changeable By Operator. The Operator Can Change The Speed Of Blowers Throw The Vfd Speed Setting. Motor Speed Will Change Depend On Do Analyzer Meter Reading. Operator Monitor Do Read In Hmi Home Page And Do Control Page.

Step-09: There Are Two Pumps In AST Tank. Two Pump Of AST Tank Will Operate On Alternating Method. Alternating Time Could Changeable By Operator. The Operator Can Change The Flow Rate Of Pump Throw The VFD Speed Setting As His/Her Wishes. These Two Pump Will Start In Auto Starting Period.

Step-10: There Are Two Level Detection Sensor And Two Pump In Mgf Tank. One Sensor For Low Level And Another For High Level Detection. Two Pump Of MGF Tank Will Operate On Alternating Method. Alternating Time Could Changeable By Operator As Well As The Operator Can Change The Flow Rate Of Pump Throw The VFD Speed Setting As His/Her Wishes. When Level Will Be Low Both Of Pump Will Stop, When Water Level Will Up The Low-Level Sensor For 20 Minutes Than MGF Pump Will Start. Outlet Flow Meter Show Flow Rate In HMI Home Page And Tertiary Treatment Page.

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